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Just as we watch for long-term trends that could adversely impact our employees and shareholders, we have studied the consequences of our continued assault on nature and have determined that unless we change, we may be responsible for catastrophic losses to ourselves and others.  Our concern for the environment is not a short-term attempt to improve our image, but a strategic change necessary to guide our corporation into and through the 21st century.

Interface, Inc., Sustainability Report, 1997

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Green Scene Landscaping

Green Scene Landscaping Inc., 2750 Garfield Avenue Silver Spring MD 20910-1813 301-530-2418, has thrived due to customer loyalty and customer referrals. Rather than spending our resources advertising and attracting new customers, we rely on our reputation and “word of mouth” advertising to grow our business. Every day we get the opportunity to prove that we are committed to our customers and the beauty of their properties.   

Since its inception, Green Scene has been focused on the environmental impact of its operations. Internally we stress paper use reduction, energy use reduction, and water reduction. We also have a comprehensive recycling program and we always purchase “green products” including 100% post-consumer recycled paper for all office use.  

With our customers we encourage sound environmental practices when designing and caring for their properties. This includes reduced mowing areas, water-use reduction strategies, responsible pest management and chemical application strategies, and effective water-run off management systems.