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Just as we watch for long-term trends that could adversely impact our employees and shareholders, we have studied the consequences of our continued assault on nature and have determined that unless we change, we may be responsible for catastrophic losses to ourselves and others.  Our concern for the environment is not a short-term attempt to improve our image, but a strategic change necessary to guide our corporation into and through the 21st century.

Interface, Inc., Sustainability Report, 1997

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A.I.R Lawn Care


A.I.R. Lawn Care 14207 Chadwick Lane, Rockville, MD 20853, 301-661-3705, is an eco-friendly lawn care company that uses electric-powered equipment that is charged with solar panels mounted on our truck and trailer. Our mission is to improve and renew the atmosphere people breathe in through business, education, and service. The acronym A.I.R. stands for Atmosphere, Improvement, and Renewal. We do this by providing clean, quiet, and quality mowing as well as organic fertilization services. 

Our ideal customer is an environmentally conscious homeowner who is concerned about their kids’ and/or pets’ health, the long lasting health of their lawn, or making a small contribution to the Earth. If you fit this description we challenge you to take the A.I.R. Dare® and try eco-friendly lawn care. If you are interested in the challenge visit our website at www.airlawncare.com or give us a call at (301)661-3705 for more information. 

Highlights of green practices at A.I.R. Lawn Care include:

  • An emissions calculator for homeowners to calculate the annual pounds of air pollution and comparable annual vehicle miles generated from gas lawn equipment, electric lawn equipment powered by conventional energy, and electric lawn equipment powered by renewable energy.
  • Use of solar panels on our trucks and trailers to charge our lawn equipment.
  • Use of electric-powered lawn equipment in our operations.
  • Being a CarbonFree® partner to offset our carbon footprint in other parts of our operations.
  • Use of the products and services of many local businesses.
  • Support of numerous green organizations including Bethesda Green, Live Green DC, and Silver Spring Green.
  • Use of organic fertilizers and natural soil amendments in our lawn care program.
  • Use of 100% recycled printer paper in our marketing and office materials.